CORONA INFO on the product test PSA Rangeday and the declaration of the Czech Republic on the risk area!

The Czech Republic has been a risk area since September 23, 2020!

What does that mean for the event and your participation?

The event will certainly take place, since according to Czech law, events can be held outdoors up to 2000 participants.

We take the Corona issue seriously and therefore work with a hygiene concept.

The range is 100% outdoors and offers plenty of space to keep safe distances at all times.

What does that mean for your participation?

We need a new registration from you!

For Germans:

Example: If you come from Bavaria, the entry quarantine regulation (EQV) counts for you:

The reason for the trip to the Czech Republic must not be private!

Non-private trips to the Czech Republic are possible without having to take a mandatory COVID test on return.

The PSA Rangeday is not a private event!

Product test PSA Rangeday not a private leisure event!

As there has been conflicting information about the upcoming PSA Rangeday so far, we would like to point out that the upcoming PSA Rangeday is primarily a product test. There is no leisure event because (among other things) weapons were made available to us by the manufacturers for this very day as part of a product test. In return, these manufacturers expect an assessment of the weapons made available.

When leaving the range day, it is therefore mandatory to rate the products you have tested. You will then also receive a certificate of participation for the product tests.

Due to the free activity to test the product, according to the current quarantine regulation in Bavaria, a maximum stay of 48 hours in the Czech Republic applies. This must not be exceeded, otherwise you have to take a free COVID test.

After you have successfully re-registered, we will send you an invitation by email.

Here is the link to re-register for the Rangeday

We look forward to numerous participation in the product tests of the PSA Rangedays

If the link does not work then simply register again via the website

When: 03.10.2020-04.10.2020 

Cost: free admission!

Who can take part?

Participation for everyone, whether beginner or professional!

Registration and information at

Media: Nicolas Lösch


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